January 24, 2013

Why the Dirt Road?

Long has been my desire to live along a Dirt Road.

I can only muse that it represents adventure down a less traveled path, living outside the box or perhaps my long rebellious nature resisting modern life’s intrusion on every blade of grass.

It is, in reality, all of these and more.

Life on the Dirt Road embraces a simpler set of rules than those of the electronic, fast-paced modern world.

When driving and riding along its deliberate trail – the pace is much slower; otherwise, you will surely miss something. Countless are the times I’ve stopped to move turtles from the middle of the road, rustle wildflowers from a ditch, or simply sit and gaze across a vast pasture. The air smells sweeter along this unpaved path and rare is the time that a horn is honked. Days can pass – often drifting two and three in a row – that a car is not. seen.

How can modern life compete with that?

I often reflect on the decision to move here to the Dirt Road, remembering the largest question from friends and family, “…why on earth would you want to move on a dirt road...”

My answer remains, “Why not?”

The Dirt Road is my beach, my quiet path, and my thinking journey on cool, crisp morning walks with the occasional armadillo encounter. Bluebirds dot the fence lines as if escorting my way up the hill and back. Cows are scattered across the fields greeting the new day while a new born calf’s first morning is safeguarded by the sacred landscape of this Dirt Road.  No matter the time of year, the early morning air washes over my face, lifting my spirits and strengthening me for the challenges of the day before me.  At a day’s end, this Dirt Road becomes embraced with intimate, soft ribbons of low lying fog that weave through the fence posts and scattered hay bales. And at night, this road fades into a gently worn path through a sleepy hollow that lies at the basin of seemingly endless pastures.

It represents withdrawal from trend and the ability to retreat to seclusion, to be seduced by nature and  captured in awe by our Creator while living surrounded by His Creation. To discover traces left behind of those who first roamed this land; to uncover the history of this once cultivated expanse; to be blessed with the privilege to dig my hands in the long, untouched soil; to steward the surrounding habitat for its wildlife…..  these are among the many reasons the Dirt Road has claimed me.

I embrace modern convenience and mingling with the masses on occasion – I truly do.


I can not wait to feel the tires of my truck leave the asphalt pavement and meet the earthen path that leads the way home.

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