June 11, 2014

A Tribute to my Southern Sisters!

Savannah, Georgia's very own South Magazine is celebrating their 50th issue with, this, their June/July 2014 issue.

It's theme: All things "50".

Some weeks backs, the Magazine posted a request on their Facebook page seeking submissions for Fabulous Southern Women Over 50.

And I thought to myself, "Hmmmm, I know some of those."


To pay tribute to, recognize and honor their unconditional love and seemingly endless years of friendship, I shared my fabulous circle of girlfriends with the Magazine.

You can well imagine my surprise when they decided to include us in a little shout-out as the lead caption to their feature for Southern women over fifty.

As an only child, these women have filled the sisterhood void in my life in many ways and for many years. These are women of strength, courage and truth.  They pick me up (and all my pieces) and refuse to let. me. fall.

No matter the time or distance, we pick up where we left off last and are forever bound by a southern sisterhood that remains undeniably close-knit, full of life and wide open. Simply put, we have a sacred bond that remains timeless.

I share them with you as a tribute not only to their physical attributes, but more so for their inner beauty that radiates in all areas of their lives and, clearly, everywhere we go.

Of the original nine girls, we have remained seven-strong since graduating high school.

Life happens.

We were all born in 1961 and are all Georgia gals. Four of us have been friends since kindergarten; the seven of us have been close friends since we were all 13 in the eighth grade.

In high school, all of us worked at the same restaurant owned by the parents of one of us. Two of us shared a hospital room, dated brothers twice and married brothers once. Four of us married our high school sweethearts. Four of us became sisters-in-law and two of us remain sisters-in-law today. Two of us are cousins-in-law while two of us have the same last name but are not related.

Combined, we have 12 marriages for more than 150 years of marriage. In fact, two were even Vegas weddings.

We’ve all experienced childbirth and, collectively, have 13 siblings, 19 children and 4 grandchildren, to date.

Among us are business owners, professionals, leaders and serve in our communities in a multitude of ways. On any given day we are seven different versions of high strung and feminine southern sass as well. (...and that's just the stuff we'll tell ~ [wink]...)

We lived across the street from one another, behind one another, around the corner from one another; we’ve been roommates in college as well as during our 20’s.

Our parents have parented all of us at one time or another; we learned to drive together while driving each other crazy as well.

We’ve been in each other’s weddings, celebrated our children, fallen together, supported one another as we’ve lost parents, picked each other up, and toasted the milestones of our lives together.

While the love is unconditional, we are, nevertheless, bold and honest with one another. Undeniable, fierce loyalty and commitment are naturally woven within the bonds of our circle. After all, these are the time-honored virtues of traditional Southern women.

Three of us remain in Rome, while the remaining four of us: one resides in N. Georgia, another in Gainesville, another in Atlanta and last but not least, the seventh one of us resides in rural, East Central Georgia. 

Despite our geographic challenges, we continue to be in one another’s lives today with lots of help from technology, girlfriend get-a-ways and, of course, showing up at one another’s house or business!

I pay tribute to and applaud these beautiful and fabulous women now over fifty who I am blessed to call my lifelong girlfriends - my Southern Sisters - who I love beyond measure.