"The most beautiful voice in the world is that of an educated Southern woman."
 - Winston Churchill

Circa 1982 in Jacksonville, Alabama
Photo by Catherine Argo

Welcome to South of the Gnat Line. Here you'll find a little bit of everything about everyday Life, Life in the rural South, Southern travel and my adventures at attempting a sort of farm Life.

"Buttermilk" at 5 weeks old; born November 30, 2012
{My First Bottle Baby}

Atlanta born and Georgia grown, I love my South, my Southern heritage, my Family and its legacy (the Good, the Rowdy and often: the UnBeautiful).  I am an Orthodox Christian, Mother, Writer, Student and a Southern Gal.

Join me for everyday slices of Life through the kaleidoscope view of a Southern Gal.

Me with my Boys!
{"Last Born & First Born"}

All too often, much is said about the bad things in the world - the sad things, the unfair things; we are over-saturated in them.  I deliberately look for the good, the worthy, the pause-for-thought moments that make me smile, laugh and especially the want-to-be-a-be-a-better-person moments.

I am thankful for a Life that allows me to ramble, write and ponder.

And then there's talking.  I'm a talker. I love words; I tend to punctuate words with my hands.

Life is a gifted opportunity to leave the world better than when we arrived.  Let's get busy.

It's Real Life in the Real South.


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"First Grade Love: Regurgitated"
"I have to share this. You have to hear it in an amazing Southern voice, gracious and soft, and with a wink in it. This is the best 'first love' story I have laughed at in a long time."
- Melinda Johnson, Author of Letters to St. Lydia & The Other Side of the Bonfire.  (http://melindasmailbox.wordpress.com/)

Also featured on Erma Bombeck Writers' Workshop here:http://humorwriters.org/2013/02/25/first-grade-love-regurgitated/


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