January 18, 2013


Refreshed.  Renewed.  Refocused.

It is often said that change, renewal and moving forward are all good things. 

A blog that began as the awkward ramblings and occasional tall tale stories of a Southern city gal who fled the suburbs of Atlanta to a Dirt Road in Rural Georgia is now renovated, revamped and – well, relaunched!

It is my innermost hope (while holding my breath and with one eye closed) that the more organized approach to content of SGL.com and its fresh new face will allow you to continue to join me on this trip of a trip I refer to as ‘Real Life in the Real South.’

We’ll revisit some familiar stories and hear some new ones; see some of the rural remnants I stumble across; share good things to cook and eat; and discover lots of back roads stops along the way.

Life, Food & Things to Do in My South!

Peace, Love & Hugs!