February 1, 2013

Sweet is the Only Tea

Tea is to the South what coffee is to everyone’s morning routine.  And sweet is the only tea south of the Mason Dixon line.  When out to eat at restaurants, the possibility that I would have to ask for “sweet tea”  Kills. My. Soul.  In rural Georgia, most every restaurant and roadside eatery keep pitchers of sweet tea on every table – at all times.

Know this: if you drop in here at the Dirt Road Farm, you’ll be served sweet tea.

If you require unsweetened iced tea upon your visit, please give me, at least, one week’s notice to think about it.

Here’s the easiest way to make your own Southern Iced Tea using your coffee maker:

  • You’ll need 4 Luzianne Family Size Tea Bags.

  • Fill your coffee pot with 8 cups of cold water.

  • Run your coffee maker with tea bags in your filter basket (just like making coffee).

  • Once the tea is finished brewing, pour the hot tea into a half-gallon pitcher.

  • Add three (3) scoops of sugar.
NOTES on Sugar:  Truth be told, I don’t measure the sugar – I just know “what it looks like” when I scoop it!

  • Stir the hot tea mixture until all of the sugar is completely dissolved.

  • Filling the pitcher, add cold water to dilute; keep refrigerated.

  • How to serve:  Fill glass with ice and pour tea over ice.  A fresh sprig of mint in the hot Summer months makes it exceptionally refreshing.

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